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Kung Fu Tai Chi Chuan

Like the Shao-Lin monks and nuns of Ancient China, we cross-train in a variety of styles and conditioning which makes the Shao-Lin system of Kung-Fu the most complete martial art! The amount of Kung-Fu, Tai Chi/Chi Kung and Wooden Man (Dummy) training we offer is unrivaled in the state of New Mexico.

We have an unprecedented amount of Traditional Kung-Fu to offer our students!

At the Chinese Shao-Lin Center, you will see actual spear forms and physical training once performed and taught by Chinese Generals one thousand years ago! You will be taught animal styles, like Tiger, Eagle Claw, and Praying Mantis, created by Shao-Lin monks from the Ancient Shao-Lin Temples! You will hear the incredible stories and legends of Shao-Lin heroes and heroines! You will study the ancient breathing and internal health exercises of the most famous physician in Chinese history so that you too can live a longer, richer, and healthier life! And you will learn the most devastating and effective self-defense techniques and strategies of the ancient Shao-lin Masters!

When you train at the Chinese Shao-Lin Center, you're studying real Kung-Fu with qualified instructors whose goal is to pass on the Shao-Lin knowledge in its entirety! Your instructors at the Albuquerque Shao-Lin Center have amassed a fantastic amount of martial arts, chi kung, and techniques that they will unselfishly present to you! Therefore, you will receive everything that you need to become an effective martial artist, more vibrant, healthier, and to feel younger and stronger than ever!

Praying Mantis
Black Tiger
Eagle Claw
White Crane
Ground Dragon
Wild Horse
Golden Centipede
White Swan
Golden Roaches
10,000 Bees Attacking
Golden Rooster
and more!

Kung Fu Tai Chi Chuan

Northern Fist
Southern Fist
Wooden Man (Dummy)
Short Fist
Long Fist
Tan Tue Springy Leg
Ground Fighting

Cotton Fist
Whirling Palms
Drunken Fist
Fist of Ch'a
Chin Na Grappling
Classical Hua Mt. Fist
Modern Hua Mt. Fist
8 Drunken Immortals

Mizhong Ch'uan
and more!

Monk's Staff
Straight Sword
Kwan Tao
2 Sectional Sticks
Chain Whip
Tiger Hook Swords
Fighting Cane
Double Daggers
Bowl & Stick
Waxwood Staff
Iron Ruler
Double Broadswords
Butterfly Swords
3 Sectional Staff
Iron Chopsticks
Fighting Bench
Iron Fan
Double Hand Axes
Monk's Spade
and more!

Kung Fu Tai Chi Chuan

Yang Tai Chi
Chen Tai Chi
Classical Pa Kua
8 Animal Pa Kua
Snake Style PaKua
Dragon Style PaKua
Hsing-I Chuan
Meteor Fist
10,000 Lotus Blooming
Buddha Fist
Pressure Point Striking
Hou Tien Chi Meditation
Ta Mo's I Chin Ching
Ta Mo's Marrow Washing
Hua To 5 Animal Play
Yueh Fei 8 Brocades
Yueh Fei 18 Postures
Hsien Tien Chi Meditation
Iron Robe Training
Iron Palm/Shin/Forearm
6th Sense Chi Kung
and more!

Again, this is merely a brief list of the Chinese Shao-Lin Center curriculum.
For more information about these and other Shao-Lin styles of Kung Fu taught at our school,
please come by and visit us during CLASS HOURS .



Kung Fu Tai Chi Chuan
We offer training that you cannot find anywhere else in New Mexico! We have the most comprehensive martial art from the Orient and Shao-Lin Kung-Fu is considered the origin of all the martial arts. True Shao-Lin training is for health and self-defense, not for body destructive gymnastics or point-sparring tournaments! At the Chinese Shao-Lin Center, you will train in a non-competitive, adult-centered environment. There are no trophies on the walls or other displays of ego.

To find some aspect of real Shao-Lin Kung-Fu elsewhere, you would have to travel thousands of miles around the world, pay hundreds of thousands of dollars, and employ the services of over a dozen different instructors. And even if you found someone teaching real Shao-Lin Kung-Fu, you would only find a fraction of the knowledge that the Chinese Shao-Lin Center has to offer!

When you study at the Chinese Shao-Lin Center in Albuquerque, you are, without a doubt, studying at the finest school in New Mexico - and at a price that EVERYONE can afford and will continue to afford throughout their lifetime of training! Classes are exciting, challenging, healthy, and fun!  Most people notice a difference in health and fitness levels after just a few weeks of training! See our SCHEDULE page for class hours! And you are NEVER to old to start this healthy activity!


Wooden Dummy Man
The forms and training with the Shao-Lin "Wooden Man" make up an important part of the Kung-Fu skills and conditioning found at our Shao-Lin schools. Also called the "Wooden Dummy" and popularized by Ip Man, the Shao-Lin "Wooden Man" is the original training and predates Wing Chun by 1000 years. The "Wooden Man" forms contains many of the fighting techniques and combinations of the Shao-Lin system.

The advantages of training on the Wooden Man are, that it can be hit as hard as the practitioner wishes, it can be trained for long hours whereas a partner might get bored. Also, the Wooden Man does not move much, thus the practitioner learns mobility while circling around the Wooden Man in conjunction with blocking and striking hand & foot techniques.

The key benefits of training on a "Wooden Man" are:
* Improves Yao Li (power from the waist)
* Teaches the student the correct distance
* Encourages good structure and alignment in techniques
* Conditions the hands, arms and legs
* Helps the student practice applying techniques with force


Shaolin Iron Monk Training:
Iron Monk training is designed to integrate hard body conditioning into your existing Martial Arts training. The Iron Bone Rod and Striking Board have been designed for anyone interested in hard body conditioning and strengthening the skeletal structure. You are only as strong as the foundation you begin with.

The development of Iron Monk training was designed to obtain the ancient Oriental training practices that the Chinese had known even before modern science. This training can easily be incorporated into any existing Martial Arts program. It can be used to prepare for offensive or defensive encounters.

Protecting oneself from injury is the inevitable reasoning behind hard body conditioning. Eventually, even slight bruising will heal almost before it is noticed.

The Iron Monk training is extremely versatile and can provide the following benefits if used as suggested:
* It assists in the increase of the bones density
* Slows down the process of osteoporosis
* Can prevent future injuries
* Prepare the body for rigorous training and combat, and to eventually be able to withstand the kicks and blows while not getting bruised
* Toughen and harden the body in accordance to the Wolff's Law and Davis Law
* Will give the body an enhanced ability to repair micro damage that occurs during training and sparring
* Equalizes the playing field to all martial artists, giving everyone the opportunity to improve & strengthen their offensive and defensive techniques
* Improve your ability to withstand impact, giving the martial arts warrior a greater confidence in ones fighting ability
* Can prevent help prevent injuries
* Revives the lost art of hard body training/conditioning that has become a lost tradition

The Rod of Iron can be applied on any desired part of the body, but is not suggested to be use directly on any joints.
(Warning: Using these techniques for conditioning should be done only in a supervised training program!)

Ta Mo's I Chin Ching (49 Muscle-Tendon Change Classic:
Postures from the 49 I Chin Ching (Muscle-Tendon Change Classic), also known as "Chinese Yoga" are included in each Wooden Man class! Each posture is unique and focuses on strength & flexibility throughout various parts of the body. In addition, it stimulates the flow of chi (energy) promoting health, longevity, and martial power!

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