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Shao-Lin Kung Fu The Chinese Shao-Lin Center was founded in 1979. Classes began in the Spring of 1980. The founders and directors of the original Denver Center are 8th Degree Elder Masters David and Sharon Soard. The Elder Masters have studied the art of Shao-Lin Kung Fu under a Grandmaster for over 38 years. They have taught the Shao-Lin Art as a full-time profession for over 30 years. David and Sharon Soard were the first westerners to be hosted in China by the Hunan Martial Arts Association. In 1987, they traveled throughout China to plan the first Shao-Lin organization student trip to the Orient. Every four years the Shao-Lin students visit China together with Elder Masters. The Elder Masters continue to visit and study historic sites of martial arts interest throughout the world.  In 1989, the CSC Student Training Manual was created and published by Elder Masters David and Sharon Soard and contains history and legends, essential concepts of martial arts, curriculum, and more.

For more about Elder Masters Sharon and David Soard, please visit their website: Click here for more information on our direct Shao-Lin lineage: History & Lineage.

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The Chinese Shao-Lin Center of Albuquerque has been in Albuquerque for over 25 years and is under the guidance of 8th Degree Black Belt Elder Masters David and Sharon Soard of Denver Colorado. The Certified Head Instructors at the Albuquerque school are 6th Degree Black Belt Master Abram Tamez and 5th Degree Black Belt Associate Master Leslie Phillips. For classes and fees, see our CLASSES page. For more information on Mr. Tamez, Ms. Phillips, or Elder Masters Sharon and David Soard, see the INSTRUCTION page.

Fukien Temple Tablet – CSC Centers

In 1989, the Chinese Shao-Lin Centers were honored by an invitation to have a tablet erected at the Northern Shao-Lin Temple. The ceremony was held at the Honan Temple in Honan Province, China in 1992. The Centers were also honored in 2000 with the first stone tablet to be erected at the newly rebuilt Fukien Shao-Lin Temple (pictured at left). It stands as the only stone tablet in the Fukien Temple in Putian as of July 2004.

Elder Master David and Sharon have organized trips to the Orient since 1989 which have included visits to noteworthy historical and martial sites. The next trip is scheduled for the Summer of 2019 and will include a visit to the famous Southern Shaolin Temple in Fukien, as well as other exciting sites!

Picture Preview of China Trip 2004!

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Please see the Instructors for details on becoming a Chinese Shao-Lin Center student to train in the art and to China and the Orient!!

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