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Kung Fu Tai Chi Martial Arts!

Shao-Lin (Shaolin) Kung-Fu (Gong Fu) is a 1500 year old Chinese martial art developed by the monks in Honan Province for health, mental and physical conditioning, and self-defense. The system encompasses empty hand, the 18 classical weapons, and animal fighting styles. Internal areas include Tai Chi, Pa Kua, Hsing-I, and ancient breathing & meditation.

Albuquerque Martial Arts

The Chinese Shao-Lin Center (CSC) of New Mexico serves Albuquerque and the surrounding area, including Rio Rancho, Placitas, Los Lunas, Tijeras, Santa Fe, and Taos. Located in Albuquerque, the New Mexico school is part of a network of 9 centers that span across the Southwest United States and reach as far as the country of Spain. For more information on the Chinese Shao-Lin Centers, please see the About CSC page. For locations outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico, please see our Contact page.

We offer the MOST AFFORDABLE rates for martial arts in New Mexico. Training at the Chinese Shao-Lin Center of New Mexico is so comprehensive and inexpensive that it can replace having to go to a gym, running, swimming, taking self-defense courses, yoga, cross fit, meditation & tai chi, or cross training. You get all of that - and so much more - less than $42 per month! (See our Classes and Fees)

The Chinese Shao-Lin Center of New Mexico teaches the REAL forms and exercises from the Shao-Lin Temples of ancient China and does not simply just borrow the famous name of 'Shaolin'. Some of our curriculum dates back over 1500 years. As you will see from the material taught, the CSC of New Mexico is the most diverse and traditional martial arts school in New Mexico.

What you will find here is authentic, effective, and essential for longevity, health, and martial arts. There is no equivalent. What you will embark upon, can be the most rewarding and exciting venture of your life! For more details on how our Shao-Lin martial arts and chi kung training will improve your health, fitness levels, balance, coordination, and self-defense skills, please see the Curriculum page.


Shao-Lin Kung-Fu

The Chinese Shao-Lin Center of New Mexico has been in Albuquerque for over 20 years! We encourage you to spend some time on our site and learn what traditional Martial Arts training in Albuquerque is all about. We also invite you to visit our school and observe a class.


The Chinese Shao-Lin Center of Albuquerque reserves the right to cancel any membership at any time for any reason.



Albuquerque Martial Arts




We would like to thank Elder Master David from Denver, Colorado for another fantastic weekend of training and testing! 37 students advanced over 52 levels of Shao-Lin in addition to 7 Black Belts and Senior Black Belts who completed pretesting through 4th Degree Black Belt material!

The weather could not have been more beautiful this past Saturday, April 11th. The Black Tiger Broadsword seminar was a dazzling display of chops, thrusts, cuts, and kicks! Students from Blue Belts through 5th Degree Black Belt Associate Masters participated in the event, led by Elder Master David. This Ming Dynsaty Broadsword form was taught for the very first time in Albuquerque. We look forward to this October when our Elder Masters will visit Albuquerque again as they present the 5th Road of Hua Mountain Fist!

Groupon Special!
Martial arts classes at the premier martial arts school in Albuquerque for an amazing deal! $29 for One Month of unlimited training or $79 for 3 Months unlimited with Training Manual! Good for new students or students who have not visited the Center for 6 months! ENDING SOON!


Shao-Lin Fight Night - 3 times a week!
Beginning in March, Shao-Lin Fight Night is Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 8:00-8:30pm! Street survival skills and application training three days a week! Open to Brown and Black Belts only! See Classes and Fees for Fight Night Memberships! 

Extra Lower Belt Class added!
We have added a new Lower Belt class on Wednesdays from 6pm-7pm! Lower Belts now have four days and over 7.5 hours per week (over 30 hours a month) of available training! Unlimited days and hours - come to one or ALL the classes for the same low price!

See our Classes and Fees for prices (as low as $42 per month) and our Schedule for all days and times!

NEW! "Shao-Lin Wooden Man" program
The forms and training with the Shao-Lin "Wooden Man" make up an important part of the Kung-Fu skills and conditioning found at our Shao-Lin schools. Also called the "Wooden Dummy" and popularized by Ip Man, the Shao-Lin "Wooden Man" is the original training and predates Wing Chun by 1000 years. The "Wooden Man" forms contains many of the fighting techniques and combinations of the Shao-Lin system.

The advantages of training on the Wooden Man are, that it can be hit as hard as the practitioner wishes, it can be trained for long hours whereas a partner might get bored. Also, the Wooden Man does not move much, thus the practitioner learns mobility while circling around the Wooden Man in conjunction with blocking and striking hand & foot techniques.

Iron Monk Training for bone densification and postures from the 49 I Chin Ching (Muscle-Tendon Change Classic) for strength & flexibility are also included in each class!

Click here for more info on Shao-Lin Wooden Man Training!

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This rare and ancient Internal Fighting art is often referenced in martial legends, but the actual form is seldom taught. Fu Chia Chien in fact predates T’ai Chi Chuan and was practiced at the Wutang Mountain Temple well before the invention of T’ai Chi. Practicing the Buddha Family Fist will increase your sensitivity, flow and rooting as well as deepen your stances and develop your ability to issue ‘internal’ strikes. Taught for the first time by Associate Master Abram Tamez!


Congratulations on all the students who advanced to the next level of Shao-Lin training in the past 30 days!

Jeff Chang
Derek Soflin
Ahmed Suruzzaman
1st Degree Brown Belt
Sedj Chang
Rosendo Gallegos
Noah Gerken
Lynn Platero
2nd Degree Brown Belt
Veronica Graven
Lucas Horner
Ali Smith-Fassler
3rd Degree Brown Belt
William Conklin
Amanda Hurford
Viktor Ivanov
Ryan Keffer
Marco Prieto
Gabe Rivera
Windy Rivera
Jefferson Ross
Casey Sovo
Jordan Thompson
Green Belt
Cassius Pena
Chris Rambaldi
Neil Rambaldi
Nick Rambaldi
Nick Rambaldi
Blue Belt
Sequoyah Copeland
Joseph Day
Rene Estrada
Susan Forsythe
Andrew Hamilton
Zaq Hoffman
Ellie Johnson
Ellie Johnson
Jesse Larence
Kelly Oakley
Cassius Pena
Jenna Purpura
Samantha Wolfe
Yellow Belt
Shen Tamez
J Attel
Aubrey Bush
Tai Chi Ch'uan
William Conklin
Noah Gerken
Amanda Hurford
Viktor Ivanov
Ryan Keffer
Gabe Rivera
Windy Rivera
Jefferson Ross
Casey Sovo
Jordan Thompson


MIZHONG CHUAN - Lost Track Fist
DATE: May 16, 2015

Taught for the first time ever at the Chinese Shao-Lin Centers, the "Lost Track Fist" is a deceptive style which emphasizes quick direction changes and tricky footwork. It is named after the fact that an opponent loses track of where you are, as you appear to suddenly vanish before their eyes, reappearing directly behind them! This is the style that the famous Huo Yuanjia "Fearless" used to defeat all opponents! See you instructor for more details on this extraordinary opportunity!

TANG LANG TSE SUA CH'IEN - 7 Star Mantis Pick & Play Fist
DATE: July 25, 2015

The Praying Mantis is the king of the insect world and this seminar focuses on explosive linear power! The famous "Jade Ring" and "Hook" stances are predominantly used throughout the form. In addition, each strike in the form is delivered to pressure points, so be sure to purchase and bring your acupuncture model!


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